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Oct, 2018

Open Letter to the Soccer Community

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Open Letter To The Soccer Community
Mission Statement:
           The primary purpose of SCSA is to provide the opportunities and environment to enable youth players to realize their potential in the game of soccer by developing their skills and knowledge of the game to the greatest extent possible.
Background and history of our organization:
  •  SCSA was founded in 1991 – we are celebrating our 27th anniversary this year
  • SCSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization
  • SCSA has an 8 member board of directors, 5 of whom are volunteers
  • Over 4,500 youth soccer players (ages 4 to 18) currently play in our league each year
  • For the Fall 2018 season, we have 393 teams that will play a total of 1,586 games – both records
  • SCSA is sanctioned by Kansas State Youth Soccer Association (KSYSA, part of USYSA)
  • Our league operates at the City owned Southlakes Soccer Complex near 47th St. South & Meridian
  • In 2004, we assumed full responsibility for maintaining Southlakes through a lease agreement with the City
  • At the time the lease was signed in 2004, the City estimated their annual costs exceeded $250,000 to maintain Southlakes
  • Since 2004, SCSA has invested over $300,000 in improvements to Southlakes – major items include asphalt for the parking lot and fencing the entire perimeter
  • An $88,000 investment in the parking lot was just completed.
  • We hire approximately 200 youth soccer referees and 50 adult referees for each fall and spring season
  •   In just the past 6 years, we have provided over $10,000 in player scholarships to players who qualify for free or reduced lunch at their school.
  •  Over 100 trees were donated by ICT Trees and planted by volunteers over the past two years.
Differences between SCSA and WRSA:
·      SCSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization vs. WRSA is owned by a for-profit limited liability company
·      SCSA – If revenues exceed expenses, all “profits” go back to the players through a lower cost to play and improvements to the South Lakes facility, rather than more compensation and payouts to corporate shareholders and investors.
The Biggest Myth:
SCSA refused to work with WRSA.
SCSA was contacted in March 2018 by
Larry Inlow and WSF/WRSA, who asked that SCSA dissolve our league and become part of WSF/WRSA. Legally, SCSA as a non-profit could not give our league to WSF/WRSA, so SCSA offered several options to WRSA in an attempt to work together and SCSA was willing to pay rent for use of the Stryker complex. WSF/WRSA rejected all options presented. WSF/WRSA’s final offer in July 2018
– SCSA could rent fields and play at Stryker for only the Spring 2019 season and then asked that SCSA “discontinue” our league, dissolve our 501(c)(3) and WSF/WRSA would start their new league
SCSA’s plan going forward:
  • We WILL continue to fulfill our Mission Statement!
  • We WILL continue to offer a youth soccer league for ages 5 thru 18.
  • We WILL offer games at both South Lakes (grass) and Stryker (turf).
  • We WILL hold the Mid-America Cup tournament at South Lakes, April 26-28, 2019
  • We WILL continue to offer scholarships to players who qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  •  We WILL continue to invest any excess revenues into keeping player fees low and make new improvements in the South Lakes complex.
  • We WANT to work with WRSA so there is one shared Director of Officials for all referees working games at either South Lakes or Stryker.
  •  We WANT to work with WRSA so there is one shared referee assignor for all referees working games at either South Lakes or Stryker.
SCSA Board of Directors:
           Mark Ohm, President
           Shannon Bell, Premier Administrator
           Jorge De La Torre, Recreational Administrator
           Cheri Petersen, Secretary
           Hollie Johnston, League Administrator and Registrar
           Jennifer Young, Asst. League Administrator
           Darren Hendrixson, Field Administrator
           Rey Ramirez, Director of Officials
           John Trowbridge, Treasurer 
Sedgwick County Soccer Association | 8629 W Central Ste 3, Wichita, KS 67212
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